My Investing Checklist

by Geoff Gannon


  1. Catastrophic Loss
  2. Failure to Snowball


  1. Altman Z-Score
  2. Piotroski F-Score
  3. Free Cash Flow Margin
  4. Return on Capital
  5. Free Cash Flow Margin Variation
  6. Return on Capital Variation
  7. Enterprise Value/10-Year Real Free Cash Flow
  8. Enterprise Value/10-Year Real Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
  9. Price/Net Current Asset Value
  10. Price/Tangible Book Value


  1. Is it crazy cheap?
  2. Has it been profitable for a long, long time?
  3. Does it do the same thing year after year?
  4. Are folks who use the service happy to leave some cash crumbs on the table?
  5. Is the value the company provides intangible?
  6. Will existing customers stay even if a competitor lowers its price?